Just a few gardens I have built and or changed.

I have been gardening for a very long time at least 20 years personally and about 5 years professionally.

I have stuck to my original roots and continue to help the elderly daily as well as smaller gardens. I have taken on a few businesses depending on size but I usually do not let size or amount of weeds deter me from what I do best.

A house was up for sale. This is a very moist ares and a property line as well. so in goes many hydrangeas who will thrive here.

I have traveled and and gotten to help and see so many beautiful gardens and all the different varieties of gardeners and I love how I always have something to learn or even teach.

This was the before and after of my old home I rented in Dundalk Ontario
Sorry it is sideways but this was the front when I moved in here.
This was two years of living there.

I have spent many years now transforming gardens for people and helping maintain them.


These are only a few examples of years of my work.

I love what I do and I have a strong constantly growing passion for gardening and I get more pleasure helping others with their dreams and visions whatever it may be.

I love bringing color and beauty to others lives.

Indoor plants……

I think I have loved all growing and plants of all kinds. Never really stopped at the outdoor plants. For about 15 years I have been collecting indoor plants of all varieties and studying them.

It started as a simple plant given to me and I watered it and loved it and it grew and grew. It still grows today.

My 15 year old Aglaonemma Commutatum
Other names: Chinese evergreen, poison dart,

This plant has been forgotten about, cats have been all over it, possibly over watered a few times as wel, but she is still beautiful.

This is new to me Red Emerald Philodendron (also known as a blushing philodendron

I do not usually buy the plants big like this beauty, it always seems to cost more and I can’t justify that. However I was having a bad day not to long back about a month ago, when those happen I like greenhouse visits. I was in Orangeville Ontario and my bf always says go to Orangeville Flowers on John and Townline. So I did…….. I was walking around their beautiful greenhouse with beautiful antique furniture, I love their greenhouse set up for sure. I was looking at how healthy and happy their plants were and thinking “I have this one and i’m doing great because she looks like this beauty” lol I know thats what I think. But who better to compare my plants health to then a healthy greenhouse right lol.

As I was done walking through nothing really caught my eye, not sure if it is because I have everything or just that kinda day. But then I’m walking out and I see this beauty hiding between some furniture and I thought omg this will be an insane price…..I walk over to look at the tag and was shocked to see it for $29. I had to go find the lady and ask if this was real lol.

As you can see I bought it and I felt great after. I swear its the best therapy I have ever had buying plants.

In my home now I have many different indoor plants aprox 150 last I counted, all very happy and healthy, my girls tell people we live in a jungle but I think its beautiful and I’m always so excited to see it all grow.

Now I propagate a lot of my plants and sell them. I have so many and some are old like my 9 foot money tree I continue to propagate, as well as: cyclamen, smoked bushes, lipstick plant, hydrangeas, Tradescantia. If I have it i am trying to propagate it lol. I have high success at it already including the outdoor plants.

A bit of my peperomia collection

I post a lot of my indoor plant life on my Instagram which you can find a link in my contact me on my web page here. Feel free to follow and enjoy the beauty I do or learn with me as I do or from me and what I have learned through my years of collecting.

Getting your kids involved in gardening at a young age.

Why not?

Its a great idea to get our children involved in growing, designing and vegetables, whatever your gardening pleasure be. It opens up so many more possibilities for them in their future and expands their brains.

I have a 20, 16 and 4 year old, all beautiful girls . My middle was never really the gardening type but she has none the less learned so much with having me for her mom in gardening indoors and outside. Then she got involved in a greenhouse at her school and she comes home saying she actually knew it all. Amazing what they learn when you believe they are not. My youngest though, wow, she is a future gardener and grower for sure. She is always involved in all aspects of gardening with me and she LOVES it.

She was 1 here
She is 2 here
She actually gets upset if I do not bring her to a greenhouse with me
She helps every year with planting seeds and greenhouse jobs. Here she is 3
anyone who got plants this girl was waters them for you.
Kat helps with seed planting
She loved watering our coleus garden. Here she is 4
This was this month she is 4

The last photo I shared was a week ago. We were cleaning one of our new gardens together and she said to me

“mommy this is our garden”

She is right!

She helped me dig the top soul out and haul it away in her wheelbarrow.

She helped bring rocks over to start a border……..she spent hours doing both with me.

She helped plant mambo grass, blood grass, malva, zebra grass, crocusmia, irises. She even asked me the names…..a lot.

My middle isn’t as involved as my younger but that is likely because I didn’t really push it on her.

I have on my youngest though and she loves everything and is always as involved as a 4 year old can but a bit more involved.

Involve our kids its worth it

This girl was born to work. She spent a good 2 hours here hauling mulch with mama

Do you believe in Fairies?

Every year I enjoy traveling to different greenhouses all around and there are many. In 2016 I found this lovely greenhouse just past Markedale outside of a town called Berkley, be careful as its around a bend and you may miss it, I did. Its called Lily Oaks Nursery.

The couple there build their own beautiful fairy/miniature garden around an old tree stump in the woods. Absolutely a must see for all you mini garden lovers as my photos are old and do it no justice now.

Lily Oaks Nursery

Well for an avid gardener like myself the winters can be long and boring. So my girls and I decided to make our own indoor fairy garden. We visited all the thrift stores in Southgate and Dufferin for anything we could us. A quick search online for some old clay pots was super easy, so with our found goods and a little pintrest help we created our first fairy garden.

This was 2017

This is today October 2020

The last photo is it getting prepped for new plants. We recently moved and some didn’t take to well to new home.

We loved the indoor one so much that in summer 2017 we decided to make a larger outdoor fairy/miniature garden.

So we found this area filled with day lilies and I spent a good week digging them out.


Every year we changed the look and plants

This is 2020 the year we moved
My oldest digging and designing

Kids would come and visit and play in the garden and I never minded, just gave me a reason to play in it too.

We have moved now and I have built next years fairy garden but nothing is in it till the spring.

Hang around to see what is next


In the fall of 2018 a friend and myself built a 8×10 greenhouse to be able to help a local farmers market in 2019 and of course to dive more into my growing abilities.

Homer didn’t like the idea of growing in his room, it was getting a wee bit crowded.

So I came up with the small design to be easily heated and affordable.

The spring after boy did i flourish in growing

Through the past couple seasons I have had tremendous success and so much love for doing this.
I start in February and it really cures those blues.

My family has grown in the past year and my partner is as avid a gardener as I am but he loves to do vegetables and peppers.

2021 we will make our own jarred sauces and peppers with a larger garden.

We realized though for the amount t of flowers and vegetables we did last year we ran out of room.

So we moved to Melancthon outside of shelburne and together we built.
We built another greenhouse.
Our plan for 2021 is to use the smaller greenhouse as a seed starting house and as the weather warms we will move to the larger greenhouse.
Its October 2020 and we are still not done building but stick around and you will see more………